Our Classes

We have a variety of classes at Imperial Bodies and you can be reassured that in each class you will get coaching to take your training to the next level.

Ladies Lift

The focus on this class is to remove your fear of using weights to help with fat loss and show you this is the best way to tone that body and lose inches.

Mens Strength & Power

A class just for the guys! Fun with Coach TK with the added bonus of getting a great workout and learning some new movements and playing with heavy toys.

Fat Blasters 

A high intensity bodyweight class to get you moving, laughing and burning fat in a small group so you get the best coaching.


This class introduces you to a variety of barbell movements where the focus is on technique before building strength and introducing volume. We always finish this class with a high intensity workout to make the most of your time and see what you are capable of.

Barbell Booty

All about the booty in this class! your lower body will be put through a variety of lower body movements which will help shape and tone those legs and turn you into a fat burning machine! 

Lift n Tone

Upper body is the focus here and we make sure T-rex has nothing on you! technique is always the key part to this class and we make sure you leave feeling well and truly worked. Bingo wings be gone!

Booty Blasters

Legs Bums n Tums never felt so good! Using your bodyweight to get your body working hard and fast is what this class is all about. Abs and Buns on fire!


Short and fast is the key to this class. Pushing your body hard to make the most of your time and making sure we work as many muscles as possible and getting that heart rate up.