Functional Fitness

In all of our classes our focus is ultimately on movement patterns, we work to improve how you move to help you become stronger and demand more from your body as our focus in classes are on various energy systems and the activities we ask you to do. 

All of our class participants improve their strength, strength endurance, speed, bodyweight and gymnastics movements and their aerobic capacity and the best thing is you won't even realise we are doing it because we make it fun.

Functional Fitness helps everyone improve their resilience, our classes help you work to your maximum potential and become fitter and stronger in body and mind than you ever believed was possible.

Aerobic Capacity

Repeatable cyclical work, we focus and challenge your ability to pace, perform the work set and recover quickly. We help you become better by improving your movement efficiency.


Strength work with the barbells. We help you train by improving your co-ordination and strength whilst simultaneously improving your movement technique.

Bodyweight Endurance

All the bodyweight movements paired with cyclical movements. We help you improve your personal body awareness and output in workouts.

Bodyweight Skill

We help you pace movements to improve your ability to keep going. We improve your range of motion, skill, and core control. We get you to learn the basics so you can advance to skills like pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstands and other variations.

Mixed Modal

We help you do all the above by teaching you how to transition between movements, perform movement variations, control pacing, and handle load variations. We help you become aware of your physical and mental capacities and how to deal with a large volume of varied work.


Your absolute total work performed for a short time frame. Here we find out how to execute movements quickly in order to display speed and pure power. We help you turn your strength into power production as well as refining your ability to perform one final task of 1-2 minutes of real work after previous exercises above.