Built By Deena Workouts

A little gift from Coach Deena. Workouts to hit the full body and really get you building that body! Do them with caution! Rests are short with the focus on the muscles working Have fun and let us know how you get on  

Gymnastic Basics

Learn the basics to most bodyweight movements, from abs to handstands, pullups to muscle ups, build the foundation to your strength and be amazed at your progress! Gymnastics 

Fat Loss

Get ready to get sweaty and push your body through some tough workouts designed to challenge the whole body!  Fat Loss 

Chest 'n' Arms

Because we all love chest day! Chase the pump guys ;) Chest and Arms.pdf (347722)


This Leg programme with help build strength and hypertrophy (increase muscle size) always focus on muscle tension/activation through the full range of motion over 'just moving' the weight used.  For helpful tips feel free to chat with one of our Coaches as they are always happy to help. Leg...


   A special workout designed by Coach Dee for all you ladies who want a sexy booty and a nice pair of legs to show off. It will not be easy and isn't for everyone but if you are serious about wanting the changes to happen then step inside Imperial Bodies and give this a try! Any...

Intermediate Programme

This programme advances from the beginner one and has the introduction of barbell movements, free weights and the use of the cable machine. Please ask for help if you have never performed the exercises as our staff want you to perform them with confidence and safely whilst getting the best from...

Advanced Programme

This advanced exercise programme includes barbell exercises so please seek the help from staff if you are unsure in the movement as we are always happy to help. This is suitable for people who have been exercising longer than 6 months with no injury or mobility restrictions and are familiar with...

Beginner Programme

A programme with exercises suitable for those new to Imperial Bodies Gym. Our staff will help you with anything if you just ask or wave a hand :) This workout should take you 30-45 minutes. Make sure you warm up properly to avouid injury and prepare the body. Beginner programme.pdf...