Youth Weightlifting starts Wednesday 11th January and is full but we still have spaces left for our Sunday course!

Each session will begin with the Coach assessing you, reviewing your movement, flexibility and strength.
Sessions will then progress through the lifts mentioned above and we will split every session into two parts; Technical training and Strength & Conditioning.

The technical sessions will develop the skills required to perform the Olympic Lifts whilst the strength & conditioning part will allow you to increase speed and strength and improve movement.

*8 weeks is an estimate as to how many sessions you may need to progress onto the next level of the IB Weightlifting classes and you may be required to have additional classes so you are able to join the main sessions.

These sessions are for those who have never performed any of these lifts and it is our intention to progress them to a level where they can join in with any Weightlifting classes later on and maybe even progress to competition level, for which we would work alongside them.

The cost for the 8 week course is £56 (£7 per week; this will include mobility exercises and possibly additional programme for them to follow to help them improve) 
Each course will have a maximum of 6 participants to make sure they get the best from the sessions and work safely.

If you are interested please contact Deena at the gym or give her a call on 07572605747.